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Clio, Muse of history, account, action, adventures, alibi, allegation, allegory, anagnorisis, anecdotage, anecdote, angle, annals, architectonics, architecture, argument, article, assertion, atmosphere, autobiography, back-fence gossip, background, band, beat, bed, bedding, belly laugh, belt, biographical sketch, biography, blague, blue story, book, budget of news, case history, catastrophe, characterization, chitchat, chronicle, chronicles, chronology, clerestory, cock-and-bull story, color, complication, confabulation, confessions, contention, continuity, contrivance, copy, couche, course, curriculum vitae, deck, denouement, description, design, detective story, development, device, diary, dirty joke, dirty story, dispatch, double entendre, entresol, epic, episode, epos, ethnic joke, exaggeration, exclusive, excuse, experiences, fable, fabliau, fabrication, facts, fairy, fairy tale, falling action, falsehood, falsity, farfetched story, farrago, feature, fib, fiction, first floor, fish story, flam, flat, flimflam, floor, folktale, fortunes, fun, funny story, gag, gallery, gest, ghost story, gimmick, good one, good story, gossip, gossiping, gossipmongering, gossipry, ground floor, groundless rumor, hagiography, hagiology, half-truth, historiography, history, howler, idle talk, incident, information, item, jape, jest, jestbook, joke, journal, laugh, layer, ledge, legal fiction, legend, level, lie, life, life and letters, life story, line, little white lie, local color, martyrology, measures, memoir, memoirs, memorabilia, memorial, memorials, mendacity, mezzanine, mezzanine floor, mood, motif, movement, mystery, myth, mythos, narration, narrative, necrology, news, news item, newsmongering, obituary, overlayer, overstory, panic, parable, peripeteia, photobiography, piece, piece of gossip, pious fiction, plan, play, plot, point, prevarication, profile, recital, recognition, record, recounting, release, report, representation, resume, rez-de-chaussee, rib tickler, riot, rising action, romance, saga, scenario, scheme, scoop, scream, seam, secondary plot, shelf, sick joke, sidesplitter, sight gag, slant, slight stretching, sport, spot news, stage, statement, step, stratum, street floor, structure, subject, subplot, substratum, summary, superstratum, switch, tale, talebearing, taletelling, talk, tall story, tall tale, taradiddle, tattle, testimony, thematic development, theme, theory of history, thickness, thriller, tidings, tier, tittle-tattle, tone, topic, topsoil, trumped-up story, twist, underlayer, understory, understratum, untruth, version, visual joke, wheeze, white lie, whodunit, wow, yarn, zone

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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